How BQ Came About

Before even having children of my own I would shop for my friends and families children and always left thinking, "What am I going to put my kid in if I have a boy?!". I love all the traditional clothing for church, holidays and special occasions but we are an outdoor family, he can't wear a Jon Jon to the ranch. Where was all the southern outdoor apparel in little sizes to match the style all our husbands wear? Fast forward to March 2015 when my husband and I welcomed precious boy/girl twins and still struggled to find my son clothes.  During this time I also discovered the joy (HA!) of putting sunscreen on a child... it should be an olympic sport. Growing up in an outdoor loving family, my parents always preached sun protection with us. My dad has had skin cancer removed and continues to deal with it from growing up outside so it motivates me to take care of my skin and now my children's. I hated having to slather sunscreen on their sweet skin just to be outside for an hour before it's lunch and nap time again so I searched for sun protective clothing and all I found was swimwear/beachwear. It was after a family trip to the lake that August that BlueQuail Clothing Co. was born. It was created in an effort to bring you fresh designs that can be worn from outdoor play to the dinner table.  We call it #preppybutpractical. All fabrics are rated #UPF50+ so you're protected from the sun's harmful rays during any outdoor adventure. All designs are also quick-dry and stain resistant so go ahead, explore without fear of them ruining their clothes! You will love having your kids in play clothes you're excited to photograph while making those memories outdoors.  Thank you for your support of this moms dream of seeing your littles in BQ. Be sure and post and tag us in all your pictures of your #BQQTs!

With Love,